Runfrog APP - the most versatile running app for runners!

The RunFrog Running app introduces a whole new way to train and improve your running independently and at your own pace. Just download the RunFrog app on your phone, register as a user and you’re ready to train! The app is simple and easy to use.

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The Runfrog app

RUN and train with us

With dozens of running programmes, you can work out whenever and wherever you want! There are training programmes from beginners to more experienced runners and everyone in between. To make your training easier and more varied, the app includes hundreds of hours of audio recordings that can be used to help you train: a coach is in your ear when you run and guides you through your training schedule, so you don’t have to worry about anything but your own running.


"It is so much easier to get myself out running when I feel like I'm not alone, thanks to the podcasts!!"

Jussi Reijonen, Finland

"RunFrog gives me a big variation of knowledge!

"Very good app for and training program and good videos with good instructions, easy to use!"

Joel Moraris, Sweden

"The programs are long, inspiring and challenging!"

Patrik Närström, Sweden