Här på RunFrog har vi professionella coacher som brinner för sitt arbete.


Finnish content

The Finnish app currently consists of training programmes cooper journey to ultrmatka. The app offers four different fitness levels, from couch potato to intermediate. The app also includes unique audio recordings that allow the user to work out by simply putting headphones in their ears. The app also includes an extensive video library of strength, mobility and yoga exercises, as well as tips and tutorials on nutrition, navigation and technique for runners.


Lisa Ring

Head coach for Swedish-language content. Lisa has a track record at the highest level in running and swimming and is a qualified sports and biology teacher. She has also attended courses on diet and nutrition, sports psychology and rhetoric.

Swedish content

The content of the Swedish app currently consists of workout programmes for three different fitness levels, as well as workout videos on strength and yoga. The app also includes videos on nutrition for the runner and the mental side of training and recovery.

Nathan Toben

Head coach for English content, running coach and trail runner. Nathan has many years of coaching experience. He has a long-standing relationship with clients in the USA, whom he now coaches remotely from Finland.

English content

The content in English currently consists of training programmes for two different fitness levels. The training programmes are available in pdf and lecture format. The app also includes videos on runner’s strength, training intensity, recovery and the mental aspect of training.


”Det är så mycket lättare att få ut mig själv och springa när jag känner att jag inte är ensam, tack vare poddarna!”